Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green, NTR (for my old work buds)

It's been a quiet week, with nothing to report.

No new issues have popped up.

Last week at the beach I thought I caught a cold, but it cleared up in a day or so, so it must have just been the difference in climate. By the end of the week, I felt my lung rubbing, but that has cleared up too.

I'm back down to 2 band-aids and they are more for protection than anything. The knuckles are still really painful if rubbed or bonked and are really a pain in the butt, however, what's new, right?

I was playing with the webcam today and noticed how awkward my hands really look. Seeing them from an "outside" perspective is interesting ... It really does look like I have pirate hooks. Argh! Yes, I'm poking fun at my situation, its a good coping mechanism. If you can't find the humor in it, it'll get you down.

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simone said...

"International Talk Like A Pirate Day" is coming up - September 19th. You're already ahead of the rest of us.

Nice to hear good news and vibes from ya!! 

Sparrow said...

Funny..cause the whole time we were chatting I didnt look at your hands once..honestly. Isnt it amazing what we notice about ourselves and feel everyone else notices too..but how wrong our perceptions can be?
Rather, I was noticing how adorable you looked in your tank and do-rag and that you were at ease chatting. :)
but if it counts for anything..I do love me some even if you did look like capt hook...hotness!! Smile!