About The "Scoop" ...

Hi! My name is Lori Pierce and "Scleroderma Scoop" is a peek into my life with Scleroderma and various other autoimmune diseases. This is an unedited and raw peek into what MY life with Scleroderma looks like.  It's a weird dance for me to share this much.  I don't hide my disease and have no problem talking about it to anyone that asks questions or wants to understand, and yet ... just "putting it out there" feels so different.

I do it because I know it helps others.  When I was diagnosed in 2002, there was little information available and what was out there was horrifying.  It was a lonely situation.  It seemed there was no one that could understand.

In the time since, I have forged my way forward.  I've discovered my own work arounds and tricks to make this life easier.  To make it easier to "live the good life" and "fight the good fight" ~Dr. Fred Wigley.

I want to share that with others, so that no other person has to feel like I did "back when".  Times have changed and the information super highway has allowed us to share our experiences and provide love and support across the globe!  

I'm by no means an expert in the field of Scleroderma.  The methods and treatments I use are not guaranteed to work for anyone else - hell, sometimes they don't work for me.  This disease is different for everyone.  Work with your medical team, your family and whatever support you have in your life - take what works for you, leave the rest fall to the wayside.

Persevere the best way you can and rock on while doing it.  We only get once chance at this life ... "live the good life" and "fight the good". fight.

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