Friday, June 25, 2010

Traveling woman

I'm currently headed home after a week in PA for a wedding and then visiting family. 

I managed 1/2 of the trip without the hubby and am happy to report, it has gone well. I'm not beat down and exhausted. I still feel really good. 

My hand sores are the only issue. They are healing, slowly. They just make things harder and are painful, but manageable. I do miss not being to yoga for over a week. I can "feel" the need to go back and get some PT and stretching back. Glad I've got 2 classes on the schedule for next week. 

I had a couple of Raynauds episodes while in the cooler weather, but nothing some fuzzy socks and a blanket didn't fix. 

I can also see the difference in my skin. It has gotten drier as the week has progressed. I think my body really loves the humidity and added moisture in the FL air!

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