Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Another good week.

No new Sclero issues to note. 

Finger sores are still healing.  Evening "cankles" are still appearing.  The lung rub hasn't been noticeable in days.

Yoga kicked my butt today!  My inner thighs and butt muscles are yelling at me tonight.  In a good way! In the way that says, "hey, you're breathing some life back into me!"

I got some awesome stretching in and I am finding that my body is slowly becoming more flexible.  Slowly, but surely. 

Each week I notice that different things are becoming easier.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that, though still difficult, picking some things up off the floor is easier.  Flat things like paper or cards are still impossible because of my fingers.  Other things like clothes, dropped silverware, bottle caps, etc. are getting easier.  I didn't say easy.  I said easier.

Today, I put socks on alone.  In public.  Without my "sock assist."  I didn't look like I was trying do some circus trick and I wasn't a sweaty, tired, crying mess afterward.  I have not put a sock on my own foot without using the "sock assist" in years.  I honestly don't remember the last time I was able to put a sock on "normally."

IN YOUR FACE, SCLERODERMA!  You and your muscle and tendon tightening got nothing on me today!  BOO-YAH!


simone said...

Which - sock assist - is your favorite?

LoJo said...

This was the one I found most useful for me ....


I've discovered that "rigid" items usually frustrate me. If they are bendable, flexible, and workable, I do better.