Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arthritis, & Tubal Ligation

As I look back on my last 8 years with Sclero, some of it has been a blur.

The winter of 2004/2005 is really when I started remember most everything.  It was the turning point thus far.  The disease and my life changed.  Building up to that a bunch of things began popping up here and there.

2003 and most of 2004 was all up and down.  I would feel bad, get a new drug and then feel good until the drug was no longer effective, then the cycle would start again.

During 2003 is when I developed the arthritic component of the disease.  I remember my dad came to visit for my birthday in May 2003 and we didn't go anywhere or do anything because I spent the entire time on my back on the sofa.  I was in constant pain, exhausted and literally could not move.  It could happen over night.  And then, with the right drugs, just as quickly, it could subside.  By the end of June 2003, we had started Prednisone and life was good.  I could move again!  I went for my annual "Girls Weekend at the Beach" with a friend and had a great time.  Just a month before I almost canceled because I was sure I'd never be able to get up down off of a beach towel.

Prednisone - another in my trusty bag of tried and true drugs.  It always seems to help.

However, my doctor never likes to leave me on Prednisone for too long, so we usually do short courses. They are usually enough to quiet things down.   By the fall of 2003 things were active again and we tried adding Methotrexate into the mix.  It had been successful with Sclero for years and had a good track record.   Most people take Methotrexate for years to help with the disease.

However, on Methotrexate you are not to get pregnant.  It causes birth defects and miscarriages.  Because of that and a whole myriad of other reasons my first husband and I decided that I should have my tubes tied.  So, in November of 2003, I had a tubal ligation.  Probably one of the easiest procedures I've ever had done.  I was in and out in just a short time and then spent the weekend at home feeling like I had done one too many crunches, without the rock hard abs to prove it.

I had no issues recovering from the procedure and the Methotrexate and Prednisone were really doing the trick.

I was feeling great and we saw 2003 out with a bang in Las Vegas.

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