Thank You (I think)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 1 Comments A+ a-

Someone said to me today that they had loads of respect for me for what I endure just to get up everyday.


I appreciate that compliment because it means that someone who I would not expect to understand, or even be aware of my situation, is aware and does understand. That's not something I typically come across. As many people point out ... a) I'm young b) I don't look sick and c) at my age I can't have aches and pains. In an odd way, it's nice to have someone that isn't in my inner circle and aware of my daily struggles, to "get it."

Then, as there always is with me, comes the flip side of that ... feeling like I must have let my guard down somewhere for someone not in the circle to make that observation. Have I whined too much? Have I been too vocal about my bad days? Complained too much about my crappy-ass hands? Do I need to start being more careful of what I say?

Here, in Sclero Scoop, I can whine, cry, bitch, and moan all I want. Why? For one of three reasons. 1) if you're reading this, you're in my inner circle and know who I am. I feel comfortable (enough) telling you my shitty days or 2) you have found this through a search or from another Sclero friend or sufferer and you can relate and understand my shitty days or 3) because that's what this blog is for. So I can let it all out without feeling like I'm asking for pity, sympathy, whatever. I'm just trying to get it all out.

Just a weird little conversation that's been stuck in my head for a few hours.