I'm o.k. with ALL that!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Appointments went fan-tab-u-lously.  Yep, that's a word.  It's my word.

Cardiologist appointment was great.  EKG showed none of the irregular beats I was having just a year ago.  Thank goodness!  Apparently the new lifestyle really IS awesome!  So, now we're just in the monitoring mode for the heart.  I go back in 6 months for an echo and another EKG and to chat with the good doc!

Rheumatology went just as well.  I feel the best I've felt in 8 years.  We're staying the course with medications, as they keep the aches and pains and possible flares at bay.  I've missed a prednisone and the aches and pains are very present by the next day when that happens.  So, we've decided to keep it in the routine.  Immune-suppressing meds get to stay in the cocktail too. Doc says we don't want to get overexcited, remove the med, and let the Sclero creep back in.  I'm o.k with that.

PFT results are holding steady.  The results show the past damage that we'll always see, but the function isn't decreasing more than it already has.  I'm o.k. with that too!

We discussed the lung rub and how it creeps up after a long day, over exsertion, PFTs, etc.  This is to be expected.  It will likely always be there.  Just another reminder of the damage that's been done.  As long as it's tolerable and I know how to deal with it, we're good.  As long as it doesn't start causing crippling pain again .... I'll be o.k. with that too!  If it does, I know who to call!

Then there's my crappy-ass hands.  They don't do a lot of the things they used to do.  They slow me down a lot.  But, they still let me do the things I need to.  They won't ever get better.  They'll never be straight again, but if I keep moving them, maybe they won't get worse.  That would be nice.  So, I'll keep on moving on.

If the doctor had to "predict the future" he sees a "long and happy life ahead with a 90% chance of no major flare ups."  As sick as I've been since the beginning and his experience with the disease, hopefully, we're over the biggest hurdle and things will be mellow now.

Is that a guarantee?  Nope.  Do I hang all of my hopes and dreams on that?  Nope.  Do I trust my body?  Absolutely not!  I do, however, know that I feel good today.  So, we'll plan for tomorrow, but live for today!

And, yep, you guessed it, I'm o.k. with that!