Sunday, November 19, 2017

Finding New Abilities Post Amputations

The original bandages have been removed. I have since changed the dressings two more times. The incisions themselves are starting to look better and I think that over time they will heal and not look as bad as they seem to to me right now.

There is no pain. The itching has begun as the incisions begin to heal. And the phantom feelings have been popping up the past couple of days. I’ll get the urge that the tip of my finger itches and well there’s no tip there. LOL. Interestingly enough the phantom feelings associated with my previously fully amputated index finger have also picked back up since the surgery. I’m guessing that the nerves are just hypersensitive now and therefore I’m getting all kinds of weird sensations.

As for functionality - I have some “new” abilities that I haven’t had in a while. A couple of things are a little more difficult than they used to be… However, I feel like that might partly be because I can’t use the new tips just yet as they’re still tender and healing. 

I don’t have the movement and flexibility that I was anticipating in the joints were my nubs attach to my hands. I’m still swollen and hoping that once the swelling wears down and the sensitivity wears off I can exercise those and do yoga for the hands and hopefully free that up a little bit.

Those are “minor” issues though… 

Overall the regained abilities far outweigh the “issues“ that I’m noticing. 

As you can see in the pictures below… I can now put my palm on the steering wheel - that’s not something I’ve been able to do you in I don’t remember how long. Eventually I expect that I will be able to pull my thumb around the steering wheel to grasp it… However right now as the fingers are still tender I’m not attempting that.

Now when putting lotion on my arm I can now use the palm to do it instead of the side of my hand, the back of my hand or my forearm. 

I can also now access the palm of my hands to massage it when it feels like it needs stretching. That wasn’t possible before, either, because my other fingertips were in the way.

Having unimpeded access to the palm of my hand is a big help. 

So, I’ll keep on and see where things go from here. 

Persevere. Rock on!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

48 Hours Post Finger Amputations

Just over 48 hours post surgery and in the grand scheme of things, I’m doing pretty damn well. 

I’ve managed to stay just ahead of the pain for the most part and am out to almost five hours between medicating. I’m optimistic that as the day rolls on I can push out even further.

On one hand, I don’t want to rush it and suffer unnecessarily. Then, on the other hand ... 

a)pain killers cause constipation and I’m not a use fan of golf ball sized bowel movements
b)addiction is heavy in my family so I’m very very cautious about my use of drugs. I can honestly see how the euphoric feeling that comes as the meds kick in could be enticing to some.

So far today I’m vertical, have accomplished a couple small tasks that couldn’t be overlooked and have made it to the sofa. 

I have to wait until Wednesday to remove the bandages and clean up the area. It’s going to seem like an eternity until then as my fingers already feel they’re suffocating because they’re in lockdown. 
LOL. If that’s the biggest part of the struggle going forward - I’ll take it!
Enjoy your Sunday, y’all!
Persevere. Rock on!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Esophagus Stretching

A week or so I had my first trip to the ER as a result of Scleroderma "complications". I got chicken stuck in my esophagus. They put me out, removed the blockage and I got to go home the next day. With discharge instructions to schedule an esophagus stretching procedure. The gastroenterologist on call was AWESOME and is now my GI doc.

Today was the esophagus procedure. It was my first and hopefully only!

To date, this has been the easiest, least stressful procedure I have undergone.

They got the IV into my one good tiny vein on the first try (can I take that guy with me for next week's surgery, too?). They opted to not intubate which means I didn't need the muscle relaxer that cause the muscle issues last time. I last looked at the clock in the procedure room at 1015 and I was opening my eyes again at 1030!

He didn't have to use a balloon to expand my esophagus because as he was probing around the constriction, it opened up on its own. I had no idea this was a thing, but I'll take it!
I'm home chilling and following orders to relax and not drive for 24 hours.

Persevere. Rock on, Loves!