Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One more day

Today is one of those days where it feels like I can't make it through one more day.  The thought of touching ANYTHING makes me wince.

My fingers hurt.  They are just tired and they just hurt.  Every package from the store, every bowl with an easy open lid, the edge of a straw, the little grippy ribs on the top of the milk, the tongue on my shoes, the elastic on my yoga pants, even the salt on a cracker ... every single item I've touched today has some sort of an edge that hurts.
I don't even want to think about trying to make myself dinner tonight.

Thank goodness hubby went to the grocery store with me this a.m.  Otherwise, I'm sure I'd have had a meltdown or two before I was done.  As it is, I banged my pinky sore on the cart at the checkout.  At home, I'd allow myself to use a curse word and yell in pain.  The yelling and "letting it out" really helps.  At the store I don't want to scare the crap out of people or make a scene.  General population, doesn't understand that "banging a little ole knuckle"is actually excruciating and throbs and they don't understand the yelling, or the tears, or any of that.  So, I hold my breathe and do a mental groan to get through.

The 2 sores I have are just a huge pain and nuisance and of course on the 2 places I need to use to get anything done.  Avoiding them because of the pain, is a chore and has ... yep, you guessed, triggered sore #3.   On the "back-up" spot that I use to get anything done.

It even hurts to wipe my tooshie!  Yep, that's an image to share, but I did warn that it wasn't always going to be pretty at Sclero Scoop.  No sugar-coating here.

Alas, I know this too shall pass.  Just as it has every other time.  It's just one of those days.  And I don't like these days.

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