Monday, January 10, 2011

I've been tired a lot lately.  Between having a cold (which I fought off with no meds), the now 4 sores, and my schedule, I've been pooped.  Exhausted.  Taking daily naps again of at least an hour long.  Sometimes longer.

I've cut my schedule back a bit.  I'm trying not to take on more than 1 scheduled thing a day.  We'll see how that works.  I got over zealous and took on too much.

The sores on my hands are a chore to deal with.  Both physically because they are painful and mentally because it's just exhausting to be sure not to bump them on things and then to deal with the excruciating pain and meltdowns that follow when I DO bump them on things.  A good day can be completely changed in an instant by rubbing or bumping an ulcer on something.  I can turn into a colossal bitch like someone flipping a switch.  As much as I want to be zen and chill, that pain overrides any rational, conscious thought process.

Yoga continues to be helpful for my large joints.  It's slow and the progress is sometimes so tiny that only I can sense it.  It's still a good workout for the rest of my body.  In a way that is manageable for my abilities.  I have the sweetest yoga teacher.  She teaches and entire yoga class, but always makes sure to check on me to make sure that I'm ok with the postures we're working through.  She is great!  Yoga continues to strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility, even if only a little at a time.   The calm, serene nature of the class and the ending "meditation" are great for my mental health.  When I left for class this morning I was frazzled.  I had bonked my hands and then had a bloody nose, starting my day off in pain and cranky.  I got to class late and almost didn't go in because I hate disrupting other peoples' practice.  I went in anyway.  I'm glad I did.  I needed it.  It put me back on the right path for the day.

A massage added to today's therapy was much needed.  My massage therapist rocks.  Wait, have I said that before?  LOL!  She's so conscious of my limitations and is so good at pushing as far as is comfortable for me, without ever going beyond that.  She is another gem in my life.

So, there you have it.  "You take the good, you take the bad and there you have ... the facts of my life" ... today.

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