Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a little status update

No major changes that I can think of on the Scleroderma front.

I'm still bandage free - for three months in a row now!  THAT is a happy thought.

All of my sores have healed without incident.  There was one on a knuckle I was worried about when it first "surfaced" but it came and went with no big, deep, scabs or pussy crap or anything.

It's been cooler here lately so, I have to watch out for Raynaud's more.  We spent last weekend at Disney & Epcot and I had to wear my winter jacket and mittens the entire time.  I didn't have any issues though.  Just did my best to stay ahead of things and stay warm.

Yoga and riding have both gotten more intense and become great therapy and workouts.  I'm seeing actual physical results.

If I forget a day of Prednisone, I certainly know it by the next day.  My joints really do hurt and ache.  As long as I remember, things seem to go ok.

The only complaint I have right now is likely the complaint I'll have forever - these crappy-ass hands!  They suck, but I'm dealing.  With the advent of no ulcers on my knuckles, my hands are really becoming more manageable.  They still suck.  I'm still slow.  I still drop EVERYTHING.  They are still sensitive.  But, I'm adapting.  I'm learning.  I'm finding tools to help.

So, as long as I stay out of the a/c or the temps below 75, remember my prednisone, and keep on getting my exercise, things seem to stay pretty smooth.


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