Monday, September 6, 2010

A little behind

I was just chatting with a friend on FB about this blog and realized I'm a tad behind on my updates.

I came back from our Toronto trip in August, with a cold.  While on vacation there, I had to wear pants and use my Snuggie from time to time.  Yep, it was August and LoJo had to bundle up.  The temps are a little cooler up there and then there's the inevitable a/c.  You know it, anything under 75 degrees and I'm getting a Raynaud's episode.  I did pretty good though and managed to keep most of the episodes at bay.  Like I said, I did come back with a cold though.  Nothing major.  I fought it off with no medications.  I had one day where my lung was irritated from the sneezing and such, but it all cleared up on it's own.

I have one sore on my elbow and one on my right index finger.  The others have healed and I'm currently not wearing any bandages.  Knock on wood.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.

My feet are mostly doing better.  I have a sore or something on my heel.  It started a few weeks ago and I can't quite figure out what it is.  I'm just keeping an eye on it for now.

Still sleeping without Ambien and loving it!  It's one less pill in the cocktail and one less expense.

Monthly blood tests were last week.  I'm hoping for "normal" again.

We went on our first cruise this past weekend.  It was awesome.  Good concerts on the ship, got to hold some sea turtles in Grand Cayman, and just all around had a good time.  I believe I was the only person the ship to sleep in fuzzy socks, contemplate wearing my mittens (yes, I packed them) for my frozen drinks, and wear a jacket during the indoor concerts.  Again, gotta love the temps below 75 degrees.  *grumble grumble grumble*

I feel some purple fingers and toes coming on as the nighttime a/c has kicked on (I like it cold to sleep) so I need to go climb under the covers to keep them warm and pink.


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