Saturday, July 3, 2010

A good phlebotomist

is really worth all the money in the world!  Really!

In MD, the phlebotomist at the Scleroderma Center was always able to stick me with one try and get all the blood they needed out of my one teeny tiny little vein.  This only seemed to happen AT the Scleroderma Center.  And unfortunately, my insurance wouldn't covers getting my labs done there.  :-(  So, I often had to go elsewhere, and hope and prey that the person working would listen when I said to use a "baby" needle and that THIS was the only little vein I had.  That, if they could get into it, it would give them all the blood they needed.

First, everyone seemed to hate life and their job.  I always seemed to get the grumpy butt!  Most times the technician would argue with me and tell me there had to be a better vein to go into.  Nope.  Sorry, this is what you get.  Then, they likely would blow through it, cause a huge bruise and so on.  I dreaded blood work.

The move to FL has been positive on that front too!  I have a lab here in town that I faithfully go to every first Thursday of the month.  The lady at the front desk looks a little like she's always mad or irritated, but she's always pleasant and quite funny!

There are 2 nice ladies that do the all of the blood draws and both are great!  They great me happily every month.  Ask about yoga.  How my Scleroderma is doing.  How I've been feeling since last month.  They both know that I've got that one little vein.  They both instinctively use the baby needle.  They both don't leave the tournaquet thing on my arm too long.  They both also know not to tell me when the stick is coming.  I like to watch after it's in my arm, but don't like to know when it's coming.

It's so nice to not dread or even avoid the lab anymore!


Anonymous said...

Lori for me also that is the worse of the doctor's appointments, having blood work done. I do have mine drawn at the Scleroderma Center when Dr. Wigley wants my blood, and the first stick she gets it. Its another story when it comes to the Primary Doctor lab and Quest Diagnostic, it just amazes me thye are trained to this, but just can't seem to get any blood, they always say, you know you have to drink water, and I say yes and I drank 2 gallons the night before DUH!

simone said...

Kudos for Terri and the great job she's doing at the Scleroderma Center. She's the best. 

With others - 
"You need to drink more water" 
And my favorite 
"It really is important that you relax..."

I found getting up. Walking around to bring my blood pressure up helps most times.  

Anonymous said...

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