Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a more "positive" note

We went out for dinner tonight and I ordered a margarita.  The waitress carded me.  This isn't an odd occurrence.  I get carded from time to time.  What was funny was the way she carded me.  She almost seemed there was no possible way she thought I was 21.  Uh, yeah ... try 12 years ago!  LOL!

2 weeks ago when I did my volunteer orientation at the animal shelter, I was talking with another volunteer.  We were talking about another organization that I want to volunteer with that works with the court system.  She said to me, "Are you OLD enough to do that?" 

The "positive" side effect of having Scleroderma is the youthful glow it gives my skin.  Yes, we'll cal kit that.  A "youthful glow" 

It cracks me up to think what some women pay to have collogen pumped into their lips, foreheads, etc. so they can look younger.  Have that youthful glow.

My body does it for free!

(Yes, please remember, I ooze sarcasm!)

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