Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Digital ulcers are NOT my friend!

The past week has been another pretty quiet one.  No large joint aches or pains to speak of. 

My right lung seems "irritated" at the end of every day.  It's nothing that feels major to me.  It doesn't hurt.  Just makes me feel winded.  Let's me know it's there and something is going on.  A good night's rest calms it down and it goes away until I get tired again.  Sometimes it pops up after a yoga session.  Something I expect, as I am working my body and my breathing.  Some days a day out make it more noticeable.  Again, all to be expected.  And easy for me to manage.  Just stop and "take a breather."  (Pun intended!!)

My feet are bothering me more lately.  The balls of my feet hurt.  I've had this "foot thing" in the ball of my left foot for a few years now.  It comes and goes.  It flares up if I wear the wrong shoes or have been on my feet too long.  I've learned not to wear any sort of heel for very long.  I can get away with a couple cute pairs of really squishy heeled sandals that I own ... but only for a couple of hours.  Any longer than that and I'll be in major pain.  I have them in black and white.  Needless to say, my shoe collection is TINY.  Less than 10 pair total for this chicky.  That's not say I haven't spent a fortune on shoes.  Trying to find some that don't hurt.  I try them on in the store.  Walk around in them.  Jump.  Run.  They seem good.  Then, by the time I finish wearing them for the first time, I want to cut my feet off and beat someone with them.  So, to Good Will they go!  UGH!!!  So, anyway, the foot thing is getting annoying.  Just one more thing to have the doc check out when I visit next month.

My knuckles hurt at some point everyday.  That's nothing new.  With my hands curled the way they are, there's just going to be some pain.  It's all so mild though that I'm not sure I really notice it anymore unless I think about it.  Now, let me bonk a knuckle on something and that will make me yell.  Usually colorful language too.  :-( 

So, last, but certainly not least ... the digital ulcers.  #$%&##^%!!!  I had one on my pinky and one on my middle finger that have both been there for quite some time.  A couple months, maybe.  I finally got them all healed up and BAM, there's one on the other pinky!  Now one on my left index finger.  AND ... I just noticed a few hours ago, ANOTHER one on my middle finger.  Right below the one that just healed.  UGH!  These are the worst.  They come from the knuckle being rubbed against things when I'm using my hands.  I keep them covered with bandages, which seems to help the healing process and protects them a bit, but they still get bonked on everything and cause some major pain.

Aside from those, it really HAS been a quiet week, health-wise.  Just trying to keep on movin' on with the feet and fingers.  Overall, I feel good.  The weather is HOT, but feels so good to me.  As long as I'm not out in it too long!  Yoga is awesome and I think it's helping.  Riding therapy was great, but is on break for the summer, so I'll have to find something else to do.


Sparrow said...

"I want to cut my feet off and beat someone with them."

Sorry but that almost made me spit my drink out I laughed so hard!

Doris said...

Lori, I have feet issues also. Have you looked into the squelchers (wrong spelling I am sure) I know Easy Spirit also has some shoes that are highly recommended. My foot problem is have calicum deposits on each foot by my little toe and my foot doctor ordered corrective shoes, now don't get in an uproar they are quite nice they are call MaryJanes and a casual shoe that you also can wear for dress.
I don't know if you have a store down there in Florida but it is called Foot Solutions which is just for people with problem feet. There also is a thingy, I really do not know what it is called that I got from Dr. Leonard's catalog that you wear inside your shoes to help relieve the pressure off the ball of your foot.

As for the ulcers I never have had them, so I hope you get help at your doctors appointment next week.