Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sore as Hell, But Still Hooked

I am sore tonight.  Its muscle sore, which is better than the  normal joints sore.

Not sure if it was the yoga this morning or the driving the Jeep all over town for errands afterwards.  Likely a combination both.

Loving it though.  Its still the "I did something" kind of pain.

We did all new poses today.  Nothing like last week.  I had no idea I could actually do some of those poses.  I couldn't do them to the full stretch like the instructor and other students, but learned how to modify every pose to fit my abilities.  It's such an adaptive activity and so good for my body!  Now I have 2 weeks worth of new poses to try at home after I recover from today.

Not liking that my right chest is irritated and I feel a little winded tonight, but maybe its just the activity?

Bloodwork tomorrow.  I'll double check with "the man" about the lung when I email him tomorrow.

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