Friday, May 28, 2010

Reflux issues and a lazy stomach

Somewhere in the mix of things, for whatever reason, my insurance decided that Nexium wasn't going to be covered anymore without first trying to see if the cheaper meds were successful.  We knew they wouldn't be, but you know how insurance is.

So, we tried all the cheaper brands.  Nothing was working.  My reflux increased.  I was up in the middle of the night choking on reflux.  Water would cause reflux.  Crackers caused reflux.  Breathing seemed to cause reflux.

Then my stomach seemed to stop working.  I would put food in, but the stomach muscle wasn't processing it out.  So, it would just sit there.  Breakfast would end up being my only meal of the day because I was full.  If I tried to eat later in the day, I would just end up getting sick.  I'd end up with more reflux issues or I'd just throw up whatever I ate.

I got sick a lot.  I hate getting sick.  I lost some more weight.  Like I had any to lose.

This went on for awhile while we went through the insurance process of trying different meds.  We tried changing me eating schedule.  We changed my diet.  We tried meds that empty the stomach.  The reflux continued.  We tried all of the cheaper reflux meds. 

Then, finally, we had gone through them all and were approved to try Nexium again.  Voila!  The reflux is gone, the stomach seems to be working again.  I can eat!  Yay! 

I still don't eat much.  My stomach appears to be tiny, but man, it's good to be able to eat and not have to worry about it all "coming back to haunt me."

Mmmmm, now I'm hungry for some lemoncello cake from our favorite Greek restaurant!  Too bad they don't deliver.


simone said...

I like the title - 'Lazy Stomach' - is right on. As is your description! 

Doubling my Prevacid got me back on track. But I haven't met anyone else that it worked for.

LoJo said...

We tried all kinds of stuff. Including a stomach emptying drug you can only get out of the country. That worked well, but once I got back on the NEXIUM, I discovered that was fixing it all. So I dropped the other drug .

Unknown said...

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