The Thing About Pain Meds

Thursday, July 28, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

is that, while they do their job and stop the pain, they also knock me on my ass.

I took another med this morning when the pain was getting too bad again.  I slept sound for a few hours.

However, when I woke, I had to cancel yoga, reschedule my dentist appointment and spent the entire day in bed.  ENTIRE.  DAY.

I was foggy, groggy, and sleepy.  I dozed on and off all day.

When hubby got home from work at 3:30, I was zonked out, cross-ways in the bed.  Out cold.  Head almost hanging off my side.  Feet on hubby's pillow.

I certainly didn't lay down that way!

Oh well, the pain is still gone.  For now.  I could sleep on my head and not care as long as the throbbing is gone.