Little Reminders

Friday, December 03, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Not that there's ever an opportunity to forget that I have Sclero, there are always daily reminders. But, those reminders are just that - daily and are what they are.

The other reminders are usually painful and, well, an added pain the ass.

Let's do an inventory.

Three finger sores. One on my right index finger that is on the spot I use to do everything. It requires a bandage.
One elbow sore.
One calcium deposit (I think) on my forearm.
One "thing" in the ball of left foot.
One right lung rub.

Some reminders have disappeared! The white blotches on my face and wrists are gone. So that's a plus.

Reminders or aches and pains aside, I'm still doing tons better!

Six years ago today I was spending some time under the care and hospitality of the Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, going through my 3rd dose of chemo. Scared of what was to come. Scared of what might not come. Hopeful for some added time.

Then, I told myself that if the chemo got me even just 5 more years, I'd be happy with that.

Let's just say, today, I'm ecstatic!