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I finally caved and bandaged the two finger sores last night.  They were hurting too much.  They were throbbing and aching and I couldn't take it anymore.

I've discovered that, sores are like snowflakes.  Not in the pretty way.  But in the fact that it seems no two are ever the same.  Sometimes keeping them covered doesn't seem to do anything, but prolong the healing process.  So, leaving them uncovered is good.  Other times, leaving them uncovered, makes them ache and throb.

Every time I get them, I swear they are the worst pain that I've ever experienced.

I have a sore on my elbow.  Almost healed.  Then, I bonked the elbow on the wall.  Hard.  Enough to break it open, leave gunk on the wall, make it bleed, and leave me crying.

I hit the ulnar nerve.  The funny bone.  Which, as we all know, is NOT funny!  I don't know if the Sclero affects that nerve or not.  I'm guessing the tightening of the skin and tendons make it different.  The sensations surely are.  For the past few years whenever I've hit the funny bone, it doesn't send the same sensations it once did.  It hurts now.  Really hurts.

The tingling sensation and pain lasted for a couple of hours.  My pinky and ring finger were numb and drawn in more than usual.  They were weak and almost useless too (more-so than normal).  It was kind of alarming.

This afternoon, it's mostly better.  There's still a mild  tingling those 2 fingers.  The elbow is still very sore.

Yes, I did say afternoon.  I slept from about 2 or three until noon.  Woke once to take some meds, get a drink and use the bathroom, then out I went again.

It's going to be a quiet Christmas around here.  Nothing exciting going on really, but couldn't I get a break, for the holidays?  Geesh!

Have I mentioned that the sores rank in my top 3 for things of Sclero that drive me over the edge?  Cause meltdowns.  Sometimes, even mild hyper-ventilations.

Of EVERYTHING else; the lung issues, the joint aches, the heart problems, the invasive tests, the poking, the prodding, the fatigue, even the "crappy-assed" hands ... the sores are one of the worst.