Elvis has left the building

Friday, August 06, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

I've developed a new muscle spasm thing that is kind of bugging me.  It's in my face.  My mouth to be specific.

I use straws for all of my drinks.  It's a convenience thing.  Because of my mouth having the smaller opening, my hands and arms being funky, and the "clutziness" that goes with it, using a straw is just much safer all the way around.

It, of course, has it's draw-backs.  The main one being that, now I have lines around my mouth.   With that, lately, when I'm done drinking, my lips spasm into an Elvis face.  It's really kind of funny!  It seems very pronounced and way more exaggerated than it actually is.  When I tell the hubby it's happening, he can't really seem to notice.  To me, it feels like my face is all contorted out of shape and that I'm being an Elvis impersonator.

Maybe I should start my own show!