Sunday, June 06, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

I forgot that the heat and humidity bring on the joys of puffy feet and ankles!  By bed time each evening my feet and ankles feel like they might just pop.  The "cankles" have started to kick in!  For those that ask what "cankles" are ... it's where your ankles disappear.  Your calves and ankles have miraculously joined together as one ... into a "cankle."

Oh, the joys of summer.  These are not an intolerable occurrence.  Just another annoyance.  This one make any shoes look like I'm trying to be the step-sisters on Cinderella, shoving my big fat feet into that tiny glass slipper.  

Other than that, it's been another good week. 

Less noticeable lung disturbances.

Same annoying, painful ulcers on my fingers.  The one on my arm is almost completely healed.

I think I'm getting more flexibility from doing the yoga.  Not to mention the overall workout it's giving my body.  Mind and soul, too.

Blood work was on Thursday.  We'll see what the results are tomorrow.