Knowing is half the battle

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My initial visit with Dr. Wigley was great.  He spent a lot of time with me.  Explained everything that could go on.  Even drew pictures for me.  I still have those pictures tucked away in my folder.

He explained what we might expect to see in the future.  He also told me that we might not see some of the issues.  The disease is different for every person and what affects one person might not affect me.

He also said that we would meet regularly and keep on top of things, in case anything DID arise.  He said we live in a day of wonderful medicine and technology and the treatments available were great compared to years before and that they were getting better all of the time.

I left with a stack of information, and his business card in hand, with an email address.  I was to contact him ASAP if anything changed in between visits.  What doctor does that?  The ones at the Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center, that's who!  Anytime I email him, he responds within 24 hours ... sometimes within 2-4.  He has been there anytime I've needed him and if he was out of town, another doctor on his staff has been in touch with me or seen me as necessary.

I was very lucky to see Dr. Wigley so early in my disease.  Lucky to get the right diagnosis.  Until recently, there are women that have gone 15 or more years without a proper diagnosis.  I'm not kidding.  I'm also not talking about 1 - 2 women.  I'm talking bunches of women, being treated for Carpel Tunnel, or Lupus, or even being told there is nothing wrong with them .. all while their bodies deteriorate.  Crippling or killing them.  Far too early.

Not that Scleroderma doesn't still have those affects on people with proper diagnosis and good treatment.  It's a ruthless, obstinant disease that can laugh in the face of medicine and technology.  But it can also be knocked off its high horse and put into some sort of submission if treated at the right time, with the right medications and therapies.

Scleroderma sucks ass, I'm neer going to say that it doesn't.  But, I can't imagine going through this for 15 years without the right treatments.  Its hard enough WITH the right diagnosis!

But, I've learned since 2002, knowing IS really, half the battle.

As I'm closing this entry ..."We are the Champions" comes on the radio.


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I like you Lori was very lucky to be referred to Dr. Wigley by my primary Care Doctor-Dr. Feeser in 1993, he save my life-I do not know where I would be today if that didn't happen. This July 12th it will be 18 years seeing both of them along with all the other doctor's on the team.

I think we are "SPECIAL"