Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Month Check-up

My appointment was on May 29.  I'm a little behind with the update.  I was off visiting my family after the appointment and just got back home a few days ago.  Since then I've been too lazy to post.

The appointment went EXCELLENT ... overall.

He said I look great!  My skin is doing well and I have noticeable laugh lines.  Usually a bad thing, but in this case it's good because it means my skin is "relaxing" a bit.  The only positive side affect of having Scleroderma was that it made my face taught and made me look younger.  I'll take the laugh lines, though!

We discussed Boniva for the osteoporosis.  Fortunately, I was able to strike a deal with him on it.  I am going to try diet and exercise for the next year.  No Boniva.  If I can reverse some of the bone loss, we're good.  If not, I will agree to take the Boniva.  Wish me luck!

My lung functions has decreased.  By 10%.  NOT what I wanted to hear.  However, I'm not freaked out.  It could be that I used a new lab this time.  I have to repeat the test in two months and go from there.  If it's the same in two months, then I have to get a high-res CT scan and we'll go from there.

Everything else looks good enough that I can ween off the Prednisone, decrease the Norvasc, AND I don't have to travel to Baltimore in November ... as long as I establish myself with a local rheumatologist. Then, I can see that doctor for my November appointments and see the man in Baltimore in May/June, when the weather is warmer.

All in all, a pretty OK check-up.

And I'm OK with that!