Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ulcers Galore - STILL!

In a few hours, we're having a bbq.  Just a little get together with a friend.  Both the kids are here and the boy has his girlfriend over.

Not a bbq requiring a huge amount of prep work.

Regardless, after my shower and making deviled eggs, my ulcers are killing me.  Not to mention, I woke up feeling like I've got sausage fingers.  Bent sausage fingers.  It's an odd feeling.

Regardless, my ulcers, are, by far the worst.  It's the same complaint, all the time.  These damn ulcers.

Maybe one day they'll go away and I can be ulcer-pain-free.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 2011 - 6 month check-ups

I made it to MD safely.  Surprisingly, I had a rental car that had good steering and an ok steering wheel.  The rest of the car left a lot to be desired for "crappy-ass hand" friendliness.  It's ok though, I survived.

Airport security was ok.  My system got me through without holding up the line.  I didn't get bumped and bonked like normal.

No meltdowns.

The cardiologist appointments went ok.

My arrhythmias (extra heartbeats) are still there.  There are a lot less of them and they are stable.  So, the electrophysiologist is happy with that and I don't need to see him again unless they change.

My regular cardiologist up and retired right before my appointments and the new cardiologist wasn't in on the day I was there.  So, there was a bit of a situation with the results of my echo.   Initially, without comparing it to my previous echos, it looked like there was a significant weakening of my heart.  If you based that echo against a normal, healthy person that would be something to worry about.  Which, is what initially happened.

After further review and comparing to my previous results, the change from last time is so minute that it's barely noticeable.  So, a teeny teeny tiny bit of new weakening from what's already there, but nothing to be overly concerned with.

Not that I was anyway.  It is what it is.  I don't let that stuff bother me anymore.  It's annoying.  It's frustrating.  It gets old.  But, I can't erase it.  What's gonna happen is gonna happen.  We just deal with it as it comes.

So, anyway, because of the minor change in the echo, I will now be adding a beta blocker to medicine cocktail.  To help my heart do its job.

Yay.  (sarcasm)  I was hoping to talk "the man" into dropping a med or two.  Instead, I have to keep them and add another one.  Twice a day.  Again ... yay.

Oh well.  The count goes from 7 a day to 9.  It could be worse.  I could be back up to the 21 or 23 I took back when.

"The man" is pleased with everything else though.  Well, except the 5 ulcers.  But, they are clean and not infected.  He says I look good.  I feel good.

He told me to keep on with my therapies, they are good to keep me moving.  So I don't lose what I've got.

Now though, I need to find an internist and a cardiologist in my area to add to my medical team.  Someone for him to work with.   He wants me to have someone close by to go to should I need it.  That's much easier than trying to hop a plane to Baltimore in an emergency.

Let the search begin!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heading To See The Man

I have appointments next week to go see the man at Hopkins.  It's time for check-ups.  The first 6 month check-ups since I've had this blasted disease.

I also see the cardiologist on this visit.  I'm lucky enough now, that I'm on a 6 month plan with both doctors.  I can schedule them at the same time and only have to make one trip to Baltimore.

I think I'm battling ulcers on just about every finger and both elbows now.  Dealing with a new puppy is not helpful in that arena, but he keeps me moving and on the go, which IS helpful.  Sort of.

My shoulders are achier in the mornings lately, but nothing to cry over.  They've certainly been worse.

So, overall, I expect 2 good visits with the men.

I'm not looking forward to doing this trip alone.  I'm flying.  Alone.  Did I mention that?  Airport security, plane seats belts, managing luggage, rental cars with slippery steering wheels and awful power steering .... I'm a little anxious.  Ok, maybe a lot.

Unfortunately, hubby had to cancel because of work.  It's going to be ok though.  I CAN do it.  I'm already prepared for some frustration.  Bonked knuckles.  Impatient travelers and TSA agents.

I CAN do this.  I WILL do this.  I'm packing light.  I'm not taking my laptop.  I have my Kindle and phone set up with apps to do everything web based that I "need" to do.  So, my carry on will be light.  No needed magazines or books or anything.  Just my camera, Kindle, phone, wallet, Cody, water bottle, and bottle opener.  Oh and my Snuggie.  I'm getting a new "travel steering cover"for my bag to use in the rental car.

I think I have my bases covered.

I can do this!

Wish me luck!