Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing to Report

Since there's not been a post in a month, I guess you can tell, it's pretty quiet in LoJo's Sclero world.

The warmer weather is a good thing.  Granted, the temperatures only dipped a bit here in Florida, it was enough to bring on Raynaud's, ulcers, and achey joints.

I faired through pretty well, in spite of all the ulcers.  They are still healing and will likely be around for at least another month.

It's been more of an emotional toll than anything else, in the past month.  It's sometimes hard to remember the things I used to be independent enough to do and know there's not a snowball's chance in hell I can do them alone now.  It has caused an occasional melt-down.  A pity party or two.

All is good, though.  I'm still able to enjoy a lot with the help of my awesome husband and great people that I DO have in my life.

Even these energetic 7 & 9 year olds are accommodating and understanding and made sure I was ok throughout our fun-filled days at Disney & Epcot.  I LOVE our friends!

6 Month check-ups are scheduled for a few weeks from now.  Hopefully everything remains smooth and even sailing.  I'm enjoying the lack of medical drama and just dealing with maintaining what's here!  Nothing new, please.