Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ulcers Galore!

One of the 3 on the left hand is almost healed.  Then it will just be sensitive for awhile.  The remaining two are still super sore.  But, with the one going away, at least I can "do" some things again.  I managed laundry yesterday.  Dishes, not so much.

There are essentially 3 on my right hand ...

Yep, index, middle, and ring finger.  Ugh.  Yes, that's also as far as my hand opens or closes.  It doesn't move much more than that position these days.  The left is about the same.

Those are the "easy" ulcers.  They're still mild.  They're not too deep yet.  Hopefully they stay that way.  When they get deep, the get more sensitive and take MUCH longer to heal.

So, aside from the large number of ulcers ... I'm sleeping really funky lately.  I'm having that issue falling asleep again.  When I finally do, I'm out.  I sleep fine then.  I sleep deep.  for at least 8 hours.

When I wake up, I'm still feeling exhausted, groggy and I'm slow to get moving.  Slow to work out the morning aches and stiffness.  Slower than normal.  My hands are sore, and feel puffy and swollen, like I'm wearing oven mitts or boxing gloves.

Once I'm up and finally moving, things are ok.  As ok as it gets and ok as long as I don't hit the gosh darn knuckles.