Sclero Hack - Grooming/Bathing

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Let's change "Tips & Tricks" to "Sclero Hacks"

Welcome to one of my least favorite most detested chores of life since living with Scleroderma....

Cleaning my damn body. It has to be done - be it FAR less frequently than it used to.  It's SUCH a chore and can easily burn through your energy stores pretty quickly. 

Showering gets a lot of thought for me. What outings do I have? What days/times surrounding those outings do I have free to allot for the grooming process itself and then the often needed nap or at the very least extended period of downtime.

Never do I shower immediately before needing to be somewhere. A recipe for disaster and a sure fire way to ensure the following events are clouded with my 'tude.

So, here is a little trick I love.  I use bar soap that is made from all plant based ingredients. I AM using this on my largest organ, after all ... AND one that tends to be a finicky, sometimes cranky bitch. Yes, I said that out loud. I use bar soap because, with this hack, it just makes bathing a gazillion times easier. You'll see why ....


I also use a baby washcloth. They're lighter and less rough on my knuckles when they are sensitive. I have my bar of soap cut in half so it's easier to manage with the limited opening of my hand. I then wrap it in a baby wash cloth and secure the top with a clear silicone type hair tie.  Now I have a washcloth/loofah + soap all in one. No slippery cumbersome bottles and washcloths to juggle all at the same time.  No slippery bars of soap to chase around. 

I used to use body wash with a pump and STILL managed to fumble too much.  The pump spins around, or is too close to the wall so I can't get my hands in there - whatever the case may be. Still a hassle.

So, I came up with this. It's super functional, less waste in the packaging and now, no loofah a to throw out and buy new. Less waste in terms of trash and wasted dollars!  Just launder the washcloth.

I have one on my bathroom sink and one in my shower. They're also great for travel. Just throw them in a ziplock bag with your toiletries ... Takes up less room, no worries of leakage and, if you don't want to check your luggage, one less item to worry about at security!

Persevere and Rock On!

💋 🤘🏼