Float Pod Therapy Challenge - Let's Just Pretend Today Didn't Happen

Thursday, March 31, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Each day's report is going to start with some updates about how I feel the morning after the float and then give details about how the current day's float went and how I feel at the time of the post.  I'll try to do the posts in the evenings.

So, this morning ...

I slept great.  Some of the best sleep I have had in years.  I also remember bits of my dream.  I couldn't tell you the last time that happened.  It was an odd dream, of course.  In it, in the middle of a conversation with someone, I suddenly realized that all of my fingers were working normally again and ran off to go find someone else to tell.  This morning when I woke up, that was the first thing I remember doing - moving my fingers to see how they were.  Still "crappy ass hands"  *LOL*

Physically, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  Not necessarily as sore as I often have been in the past, yet, definitely my normal aches, a little more stiff than usual and moving super slowly.  I wasn't expecting this AND YET it is not at all surprising and makes sense.  Yesterday my body was loosened up by the float and then my massage was very deep and intense, followed by a chiropractic adjustment.  That's probably the deepest, most penetrative work my body has been able to receive in quite some time.  Of course there's going to be a "reaction".

Otherwise, I feel great.  Good energy.  Good mood.  Looking forward to today's float.

So, on to float #2.  We're pretending this float didn't happen and extending the challenge by one day.  Not that the floating therapeutic part of the float was bad.  It was just a hilarious smash up of comedic errors that made the whole thing a FAIL.  Ok, maybe not a complete failure, my joints did get some relief, but the zen, nap, extra mind melding stuff didn't happen.  The joint relief floating part wasn't in one big chunk of time, so the benefits for today can't really be "measured".

Here's what happened ...

For 15 minutes before you get in the pod, you shower to make sure you get all the oils and chemicals off your body and out of your hair.  Getting into the pod, I had a little difficulty relaxing because I was paranoid that I didn't get all of the oils off from yesterday's massage.  After 15 minutes, I got my brain quieted and I'm all relaxed, Lumineers radio playing softly on my phone and piped into the pod through the iPod connection and I'm just about to drift off and "ding-a-ling-a-ling.  ding-a-ling-a-ling...." The alarm on my phone goes off reminding me it's 1 p.m. and time to take my meds. (Apparently, scheduled alarms go off - even when your phone is in "do not disturb" mode. Noted!) Sonofamotherlessbitchin'goat ... as I all but shit myself and jolt upright in the pod, trying not to hit my head ... I scramble around, now cold and dripping wet and get to my phone trying to turn off the alarm ... when your hands are wet, the mothertrucking screen doesn't "slide" so well ...  After what seems like forever, I get the alarm silenced, mop up half the lake I've now left on the floor and manage to climb back into the pod.

Just as I'm laying back, water from my hair runs down into my eyes and my mouth.  Bleh.  Bleh. Bleh.  and "MY EYES!" ... Sure, there's a squirt bottle with fresh water specifically for situations like this ... but, let's stick with humor here and imagine me fumbling around with these crappy ass hands and the fact that I now can't see with the salt in my eyes ... finally it's just easier to fling the top open and grab the towel.

Ok.  Salt water off my face.  Hair blotted.  No chance anything is going to drip into my eyes or mouth.  Close the top and lay back.  But, now, my brain is all "What time is it?  I bet the time is up soon.  The water is going to start circulating soon.  Will I be able to shower and clean up the flood that I'm sure is still out there before the next floater needs to get in?  I'll just sneak around the corner in my towel and shower in the ladies room.  I hope I can keep the towel on and carry my stuff and don't run into anyone and flash them.  Aaannnd there's the circulating water.  Ready.  Set.  Go."

So, while my joints got a little bit of relief today, it was NOTHING like yesterday.  My mind certainly didn't chill and honestly, the whole thing just makes me giggle to look back on.

So, we're saying today's float didn't count - no measurable therapeutic benefits to report.  Hopefully tomorrow is better and not another script for an episode of a sitcom.