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It's been three weeks since surgery. Four left before the pins come out. The stitches came out last week. The scabs on the incisions are almost completely healed.

I don't wear my splint at home. Only when we go out. Just to make sure everything stays protected.

The healing process of seven weeks seems long and daunting. I have plenty to keep me busy in the way of magazines, books (both on my iPad, of course), tv, movies, games, fur-babies and naps. Yes, naps. I still find myself taking a nap most afternoons. Sometimes two.

You'd think after all these years, I'd be used to the napping. I'm guessing, since it's been this long and I'm not used to it, that, maybe I never will.

Oh well, this seven weeks of healing time is perfect for napping.... It's not like I have a ton else going on!