Couldn't Have Said It Better

Monday, August 22, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Having Scleroderma is nothing you can explain to someone who doesn't have it.

There are multiple components that can knock you on your ass at any given time. There's a skin aspect that is an itch, 100x worse than any poison ivy you've ever had. Relief is hard to come by. You literally want to rip your skin off.

The arthritic component makes just laying in bed hurts. Sometimes, it's so bad, it seems that your hair hurts.

If it scars your internal organs, like your lungs, breathing hurts. Seriously. It can feel like you're being stabbed with a knife every time you take a breath.

All while looking perfectly healthy. People don't always believe you're ill. They certainly can't relate unless they've walked in your shoes.

It's refreshing, in a sad way, to find others that get it. That know your situation. It's sad that anyone has to know what it feels like, but it can give you a sort of relief to not feel alone.

The awesome lady over at unfortunately can relate, as she struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis herself. She is normally an awesomely hilarious woman. Full of life and exuberance. Blogging about a big metal chicken named Beyonce and design ideas like waterbeds for cats. She's awesome and I really admire her take on life, in spite of her circumstances. More people should be like her. This week, however, she's been under the weather, coping with, what we sufferers refer to as a flare. She was able to blog about it so accurately that I couldn't have written about one of my own flares better myself.

Her busy schedule doesn't allow for her to do guest posts, or I'd have her do a post for us. For some new perspective. She did however, suggest, I just link to her post, so you all can read it, too. So, go visit The Bloggess and check it out.

Then, if you need some laughs, stick around and stroll her site.  I think you'll be happy you did!