Ulcers Galore - STILL!

Sunday, May 29, 2011 1 Comments A+ a-

In a few hours, we're having a bbq.  Just a little get together with a friend.  Both the kids are here and the boy has his girlfriend over.

Not a bbq requiring a huge amount of prep work.

Regardless, after my shower and making deviled eggs, my ulcers are killing me.  Not to mention, I woke up feeling like I've got sausage fingers.  Bent sausage fingers.  It's an odd feeling.

Regardless, my ulcers, are, by far the worst.  It's the same complaint, all the time.  These damn ulcers.

Maybe one day they'll go away and I can be ulcer-pain-free.


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May 31, 2011 at 12:48 PM delete

Thanks for helping me feel better about mine - yours look so swollen, too. I'm sorry.

My hands were in really bad shape during that 2nd recent hospitalization. The fevers and plugs for the iv poles did a number on them... I did cry.

But when my counts came back up, and after all the antibiotics and not using then at all - the recovery was remarkable. Now I'm starting to use them again and the old sores are aggravated. But a girl's gotta start taking care of herself again - right?