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These ulcers!  Frickin' frackin' ulcers.

It will always amaze me that such little "things" can be such .... can be so painful.  So debilitating.  The pain throbs.  Radiates.  Sometimes making them extra warm helps.  Sometimes rubbing the area surrounding them helps.  Sometimes band-aids help.  Sometimes the gel protectors help.  Sometimes, nothing helps.  NOTHING.

I have no idea if it's the ulcers or what, but I was out before midnight last night and didn't wake up until after 10.  It's now after noon.  I showered and fought with the towel and getting dressed and I still feel like I could go back to bed and nap on and off all day.

Thank goodness I have such a great hubby.  He tackled the mound of dishes that had accumulated on the counter.  That would have been a fiasco, I can already tell.  So thankful he spared me the pain and agony.

The gloomy weather doesn't help.  When it's sunny and nice, it's much easier to push past the annoyances and get moving to make sure not miss doing anything fun.  

In spite of the fact that I'd prefer to climb back in bed, I need to make cupcakes in a bit.  Dinner at a friend's house and we're bringing dessert.  Luckily cupcakes are easy.  My stand mixer can do all the work.

Besides, making sure to not miss the fun stuff makes dealing with crap much easier.

Time to suck it up and drive on.